Shamrock EKG Scholarship Final PSThe Annual FM 1960 Saint Patrick’s Parade is just one of several events held each year to raise money for the Cypress Creek EMS Scholarship/Education Fund. There’s also an Annual Scholarship Golf Classic held every Fall at Northgate Country Club.  Other events are held prior to the parade such as the BBQ Cookoff, Comedy Night, and Crawfish Events held at several locations leading up to the parade. All of these events support the scholarship and education fund.

What follows is the story of two students who were able to take the EMT-Basic course thanks to the funds raised by these annual events. These two young women are now employees at CCEMS and Alex Snider went on to graduate from the 2017 Paramedic Academy Graduating Class.

Sandi and Zan Featured Pic

Alexandra and Sandi are benefited from the CCEMS Scholarship Fund

The CCEMS Scholarship/Education Fund supports education programs at CCEMS and helps EMT and paramedic students who need assistance with school expenses. Sandi Villarreal was among the 2015 recipients.

Sandi and Zan 022
Sandi is the eldest of six children and has to pay her own way on a part time salary. She says, “I would never have been able to take this course and follow what I’ve wanted to do for a very long time without it, so it’s definitely a relief to be able to have this option. It means a lot to me that I was chosen to receive the full scholarship because I am able to follow my dreams and achieve them without having to worry about funds and I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to apply for it. ”

The Scholarship/Education Fund also put EMT class within the reach of Alexandra Snider, who goes by “Alex” for short.

Sandi and Zan 023

Alex is also a volunteer firefighter at Klein Fire Department Station 35. She is also a caregiver to her father who has a brain tumor, and a mother to a vibrant 7-year-old daughter with autism. Alex says, “My current responsibility load leaves no time for working, and my family relies solely on my husband’s income. Receiving the scholarship relieved what would have been a pretty large financial burden for my family, and allowed me to continue my education in a field that I am very passionate about.”

Sandi and Zan 010Alex also plans to continue her emergency medicine schooling and become a Paramedic. The Cypress Creek Instructors saw leadership qualities in both Sandi and Alex and  assigned both to the cadet leadership team with the rank of lieutenant.

Sandi and Zan 009The EMT-Basic class started in July and wrapped up in November 2015. Both Alex and Sandi were hired by Cypress Creek EMS after graduating and passing their national exams. In April 2016, Alex completed our Internationally Respected Tactical Medic Training and graduated from the CCEMS Paramedic Academy in 2017. The Paramedic training program at Cypress Creek EMS is accredited by ABHES (Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools).


In 2018, the Cypress Creek EMS Paramedic program also achieved CoA/CAAHEP accreditation.


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