Where’s a Good Place to Watch the Parade?

Where’s a Good Place to Watch the Parade? We get that question a lot. First of all, knowing the route is helpful. The parade starts at 2 pm from Champion Forest and ends at Kuykendahl. You’ll need to get into place early because FM 1960 will be closed from 1 to 5 pm.

If you are most interested seeing the Budweiser Clydesdales, you might want to pick a spot at the beginning of the parade where you may be able to see the Budweiser crew getting the horses and wagon, called a “hitch,”ready to go.  You’ll also get a little longer look at them as they slowly enter the parade route from the Wells Fargo parking lot at  FM 1960 @ Champion Forest.

One way to find a good place is to ask your friends who have been to the parade before. Many people have a favorite spot they go to every year. They bring their coolers and their lawn chairs and they are all set.

What we usually recommend is finding a place near the Vendor Market, which is in the Home Depot Parking Lot at 4159 FM 1960 West at Gladebrook. This is the mid-point of the parade.

The Vendor Market features Carnival Games, Balloons, Face Painting, Jewelry, Clothing, Novelty and Irish Themed T-Shirts. There’s also just about any kind of food you can think of including Funnel Cakes, Sausage on a Stick, Jerk Chicken, Pulled Pork, BBQ Brisket, Kabobs, Gyros, and Cupcakes.

But one of the best reasons to set up near the Vendor Market is that it’s where the porta-potties are.


With the FM 1960 closing down from 1 pm to 5 pm you are going to be there awhile and sooner or later you’ll be glad you are close to the portable restrooms.